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British Columbia Chapter of ICAI

The British Columbia Chapter of ICAI  is a not for profit organization incorporated under the Society Act is  established for the Alumni of ICAI with the primary objective of providing networking and professional development opportunities across British Columbia .

The Chapter believes strongly in facilitating the integration process of Indian migrants Chartered Accountants coming to Canada . Towards this, we  will offer mentoring support, conduct focus workshops, organize social events and participate in sports activities to build a community of like minded professional accountants who will find it easier to settle down and contribute positively to the growth of the Canadian  economy.

The growing importance of India as an investment destination with untapped market potential is increasingly attracting Canadian companies to explore trade and investment opportunities in India. Similarly, Indian companies are keen to explore opportunities in the resources in Canada . British Columbia has great potential for International Trade and Investment particularly in   secondary and post secondary education partnership, natural gas , agrifood,  clean technology, life science, film , digital art and finance .  The Chapter intends to play an important role to help British Columbia  and Indian businesses negotiate mutually beneficial partnerships

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Any individual who is either an Associate or Fellow member of ICAI, resident in the British Columbia area can apply for membership and he/she is termed in good standing after the appropriate fees in force are paid for the year. Members of ICAI who are resident outside of the British Columbia area, but are resident of Canada, and who do not have a local Chapter of the ICAI, may join and participate in the activities of the Vancouver Chapter.

Only Members in good standing shall have the right to vote and hold office.

The Managing Committee (Committee) have the right to terminate or expel a Member if the Committee is satisfied that the Member has been working against the interests of the Chapter/profession, indulging in misconduct, unlawful activities or any such reason as determined by the Committee.

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